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30-31 JULY 2022


30-31 JULY 2022

Silverstone GP 30-31st July 2022

This weekend, we jumped straight into action at Silverstone with drivers, Lee Cunningham and Wayne Garrison, qualifying P4 and P9. On to the first race, tensions were high, with Lee in and out of first place, concluding with a solid P2. For Wayne, the team ran a secondary car brought in by the Garrison family which unfortunately did not finish as a result of a suspected engine failure. Later on into the day, the team made the decision of not entering the second car into race two. However from 2nd on the grid, the other side of the garage pulled through with yet another win! A huge congratulations to Lee, Wayne and the rest of the team for this weekend; the determination and efforts from all individuals were fantastic and really showed the team's values and work ethic. Now off we go onto preparation for Oulton park at the end of August.

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