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With every winning team, great partners and sponsors help us take racing driver's to the highest echelons of Motorsport


For queries about becoming a partner of FernGP please contact our Business Development team:


We are looking for companies that are interested in supporting our team by becoming a partner

As a racing team we have really high aspirations to become one of the greatest racing teams while continuing to

grow up the ranks of Motorsport but also to empower women in Motorsport.

Currently 60% of our team are female and we only want to increase that.

As a sponsor, We are delighted to offer very special VIP weekends for the exciting championship. Every race meeting will remain a very special occasion for you. Buffet lunch and fine wines, as well as Champagne, will help to celebrate in style the amazing races of the season. Your insight into the SF-Racing Team and the race begin with a summary of previous days qualifying session, an exclusive link with a senior member of the team and behind the scenes link to the pit garage. You will also be able to sit in on driver's briefings and know what is going on within SF-Racings Backstage team. Pit Lane walks and SFR pits tour will allow you to jump into the heart of our teams championship action. Your company logo will share equal success to our winning team.


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