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30 NOVEMBER 2021


30 NOVEMBER 2021

Woman In Motorsports Month Review: How Scuderia Fern Are Empowering Women In Motorsports

As we head into December, we need to reflect on November and its importance. November was Woman In Motorsports month, aimed at empowering females to get involved in the sport and highlighting those trailblazers who are continually pushing for female involvement.

Through the likes of W Series and programmes such as the FIA Girls On Track, the presence of women in the sport is absolutely increasing, however, there is still so much work to be done. Whether it's driving, engineering, marketing, or management, there is a huge scope for more female involvement and Scuderia Fern are doing everything they can to contribute to this.

So what are Scuderia Fern doing about it?
Providing opportunities for females to learn and grow in the sport is so important to the team and they are making real and demonstrable efforts to do so. During November, they hit the 70% female team member milestone, this includes three race engineers and mechanics, four across marketing and PR, one in HR and one in International Management Consultancy.

This has happened through a few routes, with groups such as FIA Girls On Track being key. This is a joint initiative by the FIA and Motorsports UK, with key founders including Susie Wolff. Two new team members have been sourced directly from the group and their events, with plans to bring even more on board. The team are also involving themselves in the programme further, with plans in place to attend their in school and engineering programs with the F301 car, hoping to inspire young girls to get involved in motorsports.

Here’s what the team had to say about being female in the sport and the work that Scuderia Fern are doing:

“Collectively we have come a long way in a short amount of time, not simply as a team but as part of a movement to increase gender diversity within the sport and open doors to provide more opportunities to empower women in a male-orientated environment.”
Maisie Tucker - PR Manager

I absolutely love working in motorsport, and as I am a female it is important to me that I show others what they can achieve. As Scuderia-Fern is 60% female you always feel at home with the other women. It’s wonderful to have a group that will have each other’s backs and help uplift you. As a team we strive to empower women in motorsport and I think this is just the beginning!
Tegan Seed - Digital Media

Going forward, the Scuderia Fern Team are continually making plans to grow the team and give even more females a platform to get into the sport. Be sure to follow us on social media to see the growth and journeys of the women in the team. - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - LinkedIn

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